"I cannot live without books."

     -Thomas Jefferson to John Adams,  1815

About Donna Diamond

Welcome to Books 'N Me, my book club website.  As you can see in my tagline, in a letter to John Adams in 1815, Thomas Jefferson wrote,” I Cannot Live Without Books,” and neither can I.

I am an avid book lover, a true bibliophile, and have been for most of my life.  It has been a joy and an honor for me to facilitate book clubs on Long Island for more than twenty years.  I currently lead three monthly book discussion groups at Elwood, Harborfields and Northport Libraries, (formerly at Barnes & Noble for more than ten years). I am also an original and very proud member of the Long Island Reads Committee, The One Island-One Book Concept which encourages all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties to read the same book during National Library Week in April of each year.  

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What Reading and Writing Mean to Me

10/31/2019 1:28:35 PM

When I was in elementary school many moons ago, reading was one of the subjects that were taught. Penmanship, now referred to as Cursive, if it is taught at all today, was also an important subject to learn. I was always so proud when the teacher, or a grown-up or a friend complimented me on my lovely flowing script, (The Palmer Method). Those two subjects are just as important to me today as they were those many moons ago.

I love to read! There, I’ve said it, and I’m not ashamed to shout it out. Every time I open a book, it’s the start of a great adventure, an adventure that can thrust me into the future, to outer space, or send me back to the wild, wild west. With reading, I can get lost in another land, learn to make boeuf bourguignon, or teach myself how to grow beautiful flowers in my backyard. Reading is a joy and a privilege. It can open doors and shed light on things you never knew before.

I’ve written a book titled BOOK CLUB: How I Became the Ultimate Hard-core, High-handed, Card-Carrying Bibliophilist. I wrote my story in long-hand on a yellow pad before I transferred it to my computer. I read so that I can grow. I read so that I can answer...

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What Reading and Writing Mean to Me

10/31/2019 1:28:35 PM

When I was in elementary school many moons ago...

Meet The Authors Article - Long Island Living Magazine!

11/19/2018 10:49:57 AM

“SOMETHING MAGICAL happens when a reader meets an...


10/30/2018 10:16:15 AM

I’m a techie DUH!  There, I’ve said it...

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Donna Diamond hosts book club discussions all over Suffolk County on Long Island, NY. This list is updated regularly and listed in order of our next discussion at the top. Thank you for visiting Books 'N Me and we hope to see you at a meeting. 

The following books are our monthly selections through Dec 2020:

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